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WANTED:  All Guns, Swords, Knives, War Souvenirs, Photographs, Documents, Decoys, Powder Cans, Old Ammunition, Calendars, Paintings etc...


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Classifications are as follows:
  • Pre-1865 Antique Arms
  • 1865-1898 Antique Arms
  • Antique Swords & Edged Weapons
  • Pre-1898 Antique Collectibles
  • 1899-1945 Arms (Including WWI & WWII Collectibles)
  • Post 1945 Arms (Including Modern Shooting Arms & Collector's Arms)
New Ruger Book

By John Dugan

Hansen & Hansen

New Additions


Antique, C&R & Modern Handguns

Webley Bulldogs,Constabulary                                           Nagant & Nagant Type

Revolvers, Copies,etc.                                                          Revolvers, Copies, Brevetes, Etc.


M.P. .450 Bulldog                                                                  Swedish Husqvarna 1887 7.5MM

M.P. .450 N.S.W. Police                                                        Swiss 1887 Schmidt-Rubin 7.5MM

French Bulldog .380 Copy                                                   Dutch 1890 9.4MM

Belgian Bulldog .44 Copy                                                     Rast Gasser 1898 8MM RG

Belgian Bulldog .442 Copy                                                   Tula 1895 7.62MM Nagant

No.4 Preyse Patent Bulldog                                                 Belgian Gasser Off. Model 9MM

Belgian Copy RIC .450                                                         Brazilian 1890 11.2MM Nagant

Belgian Copy RIC .380                                                         French Model 1892 Lebel

Belgian Copy Bulldog .380                                                   Argentine 1893 11.2 Nagant

Belgian Copy Bulldog .380                                                   Norwegian Nagant 7.5 MM

Dutch Copy Constabulary 8MM

Belgian Constabulary Steeple Flutes

German Proofed Constabulary .380

Italian Castelli Bodeo 10.35/S.A. Only

Dutch Police Model  9.4MM

German Proofed Belgian Constabulary 11MM

Italian Constabulary 8MM Lebel

Italian 1884 RIC Copy 10.35 MM

Other Collectible Handguns

Spanish Trocola S&W DA Copy .455 MM

French 1873 Chamelot Delvigne 11MM

French 1874 Chamelot Delvigne Off Model

German Reichs Revolver 11MM

Spanish Copy S&W DA .455 MM

Webley MK I .455 Revolver

Webley Mk IV .38/38-200 cal.

Webley No.5 .360 Rook/.380 Express

Belgian Baby Hammerless .22 Cal

Belgian Baby Hammer .22 Cal

German Baby Hammer 6.35 w/Safety

Tokyo Arsenal Type 26 8MM

Eibar Spanish Copy S&W .32 Cal

We also have multiples of many of these specimens




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images e-mailed on request

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